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One of the assessment for Entrepreneurship (ETR 3513) and Entrepreneurship Business Plan (ETR 2553) courses is students have to prepare business plan. In order to give the experience of presenting business plan and how to convince relevent parties about the viability of the business, the subject coordinator had set a date for Business Plan Presentation Contest. The contest are compulsary for all ETR 3513 and ETR 2553 students as it is one of requirement for the subject.
During the contest day, students have to assume that they are going to organize company open day and every three business/company are given a room that will be act as their premises. They have to cooperate each other to decorate and allocate the space in the room to display the materials that enable visitors understand about the business in details, such as posters, product exhibition, and so on.
For the presentation, business/companies will be evaluated by three judgers. Normally, 18 lecturers from three departments; Business Management Department, Accountancy Department and also Quantitative Science are invited to act as investor that will evaluate the students presentation.
Here are some of the pictures about the contest day for the last semester.
(i) The presentation.. students try communicate well to convice 'investors'

The judgers..

Killer question from Mr Dorries

Mdm Diyana.. waiting for the answer..

The products..

 Lots of accesorries..


 The sampels of cordials

Transporting model..

The bunting..

(ii) Closing Ceremony.. TQVM to our Timbalan Pengarah Hal Ehwal Akademik.. En Hussin bin Omar for the closing and prize giving..

The participants.. they're so nervous in waiting for the results

1st place for ETR 3513.. Zadaz Cup Cake Cafe a.k.a Zadaz CCC

 2nd place for ETR 3513.. Syazi's Choc Sdn Bhd

3rd place for ETR 3513.. Occitan Noughat Sdn Bhd

 1st place for ETR 2553.. Chill Zone Sdn Bhd

2nd place for ETR 2553.. Kosa Trucking Sdn Bhd

3rd place for ETR 2553.. Conventional Express

Part of the judgers.. 

 me and the winners.. congratulation ^_^


Dear students.. do you feel tired and stress to complete all the tutorials? Don't worry.. juz take about three minutes and enjoy watching this funny video.. Then you'll feel better.. Have fun~~


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Section A

1.       Which of the following TRUE about sole proprietorship?
          A        Creditors are not entitled to seized and sell the owner’s personal assets
          B        Consist of two or more person
          C        The owner can keep all profits
          D        The life span is not reflected by the death of owner

2.       The following refer to the main provision of  Partnership Act 1961, EXCEPT?
          A        Profits and losses are shared according to capital contribution
          B        No interest is payable on partner’s capital
          C        Every partner is entitled to participate in the management of the management
          D        No partner is entitle to a salary for participating in the business

3.       Which of the following is TRUE about the differences between partnership and company?

Limited liability
Unlimited liability
If one of the partner die, the partnership will automatically dissolved.
If one of the owner die, the company still continue.
If one of the partner die, the partnership still continue.
If one of the owner die, the company will automatically dissolved.
Limited resources
Better management

4.       In order to register sole proprietorship and partnership, all the forms should be completed, EXCEPT
          A        Form 6
          B        Form P.N.A – 1A
          C        Form B
          D        Form C

5.       One of the business support agencies responsible in marketing assistance is
          A        SIRIM
          B        FRIM
          C        PUNB
          D        GUTHRIE

Section B

1.            Explain advantages and disadvantages of sole proprietorship.
(10 marks)




Section A

1.       Which of the following TRUE about marketing?
          A        Sold what can be made
          B        Focus on the needs of the seller
          C        Satisfying customers effectively and efficiently than competitors
          D        All of above

2.       The following refer to target market, EXCEPT?
          A        Prospective buyers
          B        Can be segmented into categories
          C        Able to determine market size
          D        Including competitors’

3.       If the total sales forecast is RM200,000 and Ain Enterprise hold 20% market share, how much Ain Enterprise sales forecast should be? ?
          A        RM 60,000
          B        RM 40,000
          C        RM 20,000
          D        Cannot be determined

4.       Set near price to the competitor price is refer to ______________
          A        cost-based pricing
          B        value-based pricing
          C        competition-based pricing
          D        price skimming

5.       Media coverage is one example of ______________
          A        public relation
          B        sales promotion
          C        advertising
          D        personal selling

Section B

ABC Sdn Bhd
RM 30,000
DEF Sdn Bhd
50% from ABC Sdn Bhd
GHI Sdn Bhd
¾ from DEF Sdn Bhd
JKL Sdn Bhd
RM 25,000

(a)      Calculate the market share of before entry.
(4 marks)
(b)     If MNO Sdn Bhd enter the market and achieve RM 10,000 sales, find the market share loss of its competitors.
(4 marks)
(c)      Based on market share loss, calculate new market share.
(2 marks)

2.       Describe FOUR marketing strategies can be used in order to increase the sales.
(20 marks)



Section A

1.       Business plan also known as
          A        Marketing Plan
          B        Prospectus
          C        Administration Plan
          D        Summary Plan

2.       The following are the audiences of business plan, EXCEPT?
          A        Entrepreneur
          B        Suppliers
          C        Walk-in Customers
          D        Organizational Clients

3.       Which of the following can be the purpose of the business plan?
          A        To allocate business resource more effectively
          B        To analyze company’s performance
          C        To attract the customers to buy company’s product
          D        To motivate employees

4.       Company’s vision, mission and objective should be included in ______________
          A        marketing plan
          B        financial plan
          C        operation plan
          D        administration plan

5.       Which of the plans does not imposed project cost?
          A        Marketing plan
          B        Financial Plan
          C        Operation Plan
          D        Administration Plan

Section B

1.       State SIX reasons for preparing a business plan.
(6 marks)

2.       Lit the elements should be included in operational plan.
(9 marks)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012



Build a group consists of FOUR or FIVE members. Imagine you're going to set up a new business. Choose any suitable product can be served in your business. As a preparation for your new venture, you are required to develop an effective business plan that stressed out all the critical information about forecasting the business. 
Your business plan should be include:
- Title/coverpage
- Cover letter / letter of transmittal
- Table of contents
- Executive summary
- Introduction
- Purposed of the business plan
- Business or Company Background
- Owner/Partner/Shareholder Background
- Administration Plan
- Marketing Plan
- Operation Plan
- Financial Plan
- Summary and Justification
- Appendices

Due Date : 01/04/2012





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